Dina Al Salihi | AYLA Makeup Jewellery

Returning to my Jordanian origins and being brought up within an Arabic culture, I have appreciated that Arabic women have a unique relationship with their jewellery as it is used as an expression of beauty, wealth and social status.

Therefore, I focused the main idea of my final year project on producing multifunctional jewellery where the design of the pieces is inspired by my culture by incorporating Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometric motifs. I wanted to create multifunctional jewellery pieces in order to focus on their functionality rather than only on their decorative purposes.

And finally I came up with the idea of designing mini refillable makeup jewellery with the main focus on creating lipsticks. As an effect, this will help reduce the amount of waste produced by make-up companies on cosmetic packaging. In addition, replacing the casing of the makeup to become a piece of jewellery will increase the emotional attachment between the product and the consumer due to it being more practical and handy.