Alexandra Daniel | Binn-e

I am investigating how people between the age of 18 and 25 (focusing on university students) dispose of electronic waste. More specifically, we focus on smartphone disposal. The aim of this study is to develop a product educating users about this topic, including the impact of poor disposal on people all over the world, and the impact on global warming.

As the aim of the project is to create awareness of a global crisis, I will be designing a public installation in the form of a bin.

In order to create awareness of this problem a series of images and graphics explaining the problem and how it can be dealt with; this will be done with the use of a digital screen around the body of the bin displaying information on the amount of e-waste in the world at the moment. The body will be made of plastic, with a coloured LCD screen. In addition to the information displayed on the bin, a QR code leading to a website where more information about the crisis and consequences of e-waste, different ways add a second life to your electronics and easy and appropriate ways to dispose of your waste can be found.

Due to the fact that this project revolves around phones, the bin will be inspired by old wind-up phones. The users will be able to interact with the installation as if it were a phone, where the numbers will be a one-way entry way for phone depositing.