My interest in art began at a very young age, which later evolved to become an essential part of my life. At that point, I was only limited by how far my imagination was willing to stretch as I started finding inspiration for my drawings in random things around me even in the tools I once took for granted.

For this reason, my passion for art slowly developed into a passion for design. Since then, I started taking a keen interest in not only how products look, but also how they function and how they are designed precisely to perform a given task. And this is when I realized that I actually have the opportunity to contribute first hand in transforming ideas into real life apparatus that bring value into other people’s lives.

Therefore, I decided to pursue a product design degree and through my course at the University of Sussex, I’ve realised that packaging is as important as the product itself. As a result, I became really interested in coming up with packaging designs that are aesthetically pleasing and also environmentally friendly since these are the key points when it comes to popular and sustainable packaging.