Fariseh Mian | Game Over

As a designer I strongly believe there is a great importance in finding ways to connect and resonate with people to help them understand core issues or problems designers work towards solving. There are so many brilliant and innovative products being produced which are tackling large scale issues, however if you can not find a way to make people understand the necessity in using said products or systems, these concepts go to waste. This is why I'm in the process of developing a videogame for my final year project, which aims to help users understand the seriousness of one of the most prevalent issues the human race is facing today: climate change.

Videogames have recently started to be used as catalysts to bring about social & environmental change. Research has shown that distressing images which are constantly being shown on the media have essentially caused people to become immune to fear or worry inducing content. By using a game to explain an issue as vast as climate change, I believe I can pick on points that may cause or contribute to the problem in a lighthearted way - not deterring the user from the bigger picture, but helping them see or understand it in a different light.