Will Wilding-Taylor | Omni Smart Assistant

Smart Speakers (like Google Home or Amazon Echo) and Smart Displays (like Google Home Hub or Amazon Echo Show) are the main products we use today to interact with our Smart Assistants and Smart Homes thanks to Google Assistant or Alexa. Many people will be familiar with Smart Speakers ability to provide on demand information and entertainment, perform digital tasks or interact with other Smart Home products. You may not be so familiar with Smart Displays. These are very similar and are seeing expanding use in kitchens and living rooms thanks to the added benefit of a touch screen to interact with and provide information. Netflix with your breakfast anyone?

Both these types of products have been a revolutionary hit with consumers! So much so that there is an increasing desire to be able to access their Smart Assistants throughout the entire home.

However, existing products are struggling to provide this to users. Most are wired and thus fixed in one place. Third party wireless bases exist for the smaller speakers to make them portable, but are often clunky, ugly and further increase the price of the system. Not to mention that consumers shouldn’t have to ‘build their own product’.

Wireless Smart Speakers like the Sonos One or Google Home Max do exist, but are expensive, heavy and inconvenient to carry from room to room. You can forget carrying an armful of laundry and one of these at the same time for example.

And so, we come to the market gap this product will fill; consumers would clearly benefit from a flexible, adaptable and easy to use Smart Assistant experience that can be used across the entire home. That is what this product will provide. A complete boxed solution that doesn’t require the purchase of multiple devices or the sacrifice of convenience and instead provides everything you need for a seamless Smart Home experience, all in one box!

What does this magical box include though? Well, it’s a 10” Smart Display to go in the main room of your home whether that’s the kitchen, living room or anywhere else. The Display has a wireless charging dock to charge any of your existing Smart Devices (Think Smart Phone, Smart Watch, Tablet, Laptop) as well as our new Wireless Smart Speakers!

This gorgeous 10” Display is paired perfectly with equally stylish portable wireless Smart Speakers. These have a 12-hour battery life, are completely cable free not to mention splash proof should you end up needing a soundtrack to your morning shower.

But only being able to charge your Smart Speakers on the Smart Display would be a hassle. For this reason, also included is a compact wireless charging platform for you to place wherever your Smart Speakers end up sitting most often, whether this is in your bedroom or your office. This makes sure that no matter where you are, you’re never too far from a charger!

If you can’t tell, I’m incredibly excited to be bringing this awesome product to life, I’d love to show you at one of our design shows, but if you can’t wait until then and want to see what stage the product is at right now, visit me on Instagram and of course feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the show!