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Dina Al Salihi

As a product designer, I am eager to channel my artistic mind to come up with creative packaging designs that are not only visually pleasing, but are also economically and environmentally efficient, as these are vital aspects to consider when developing a successful and sustainable packaging design for our modern day society.

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Valeria Arnaoutou

I believe that design is a tool to enhance our humanity. I am intrigued by how different interiors evoke different feelings and how people behave in different places. We spend 87% of our lives inside buildings and our emotional attachment with each place plays a vital role in this experience. As a designer, I pursue to ingrain values of creative thinking into interior and furniture design, introducing a new way of living.

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Jake Arney

Circular Economy Nerd. Ethical Design Enthusiast. Conscious Consumer. Vegan. Hockey Player + Coach.

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Alex Daniel

Over time, I have been greatly inspired by the role design plays in the circular economy and different design philosophies. This interest has lead me to the growth and development of my design project, which is the poor disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) in the world, which greatly affects the less economically developed countries (LEDC’s).


Vlod Goral

Sports enthusiast, risk-taker, Gorillaz fan, 21 years old and product designer.

Performing at the junction of aesthetic minimalism and modern technology to answer design problems with honest solutions.

Make each day your masterpiece.

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Lucy Hughes

Hi, I’m Lucy. I believe that designers have a crucial role in shaping the world. My approach to product design places form, function and footprint at equal importance.

In my opinion, we have enough stuff and are rich in materials that we overlook.

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Michaela Jia

Hi! My name is Michaela Jia. The goal of my project is to make a light weight, easy to assemble machine to help bee keepers with their daily heavy lifting, and ultimately reduce the common back problems among the bee keeping community.


Robert Linder

Hey i’m Bob, I love toys and games! I enjoy working with my hands making models. I’ve been collecting, assembling, painting and gaming with models for 25 years. I feel like the toy and game industry has lost something and I intend to bring it back.

Aside from my love of games I am a proficient welder, I have made various projects including a scale Ironman helmet.


Jimmy McNamara

Hi, I'm Jimmy; a final year Product Design student. My passion for design resonates around creating functional and neccessary products with the ambition of improving peoples lives.


Fariseh Mian

Hi, I'm Fariseh! I'm a designer who has studied and worked in various fields of design, some of which are: Fine Art, Architecture, Product Design, Animation and Illustration.

I love trying my hand in different areas of design, so much so I'm currently acting a videogame developer for my final year project in product design!


Tom Rowley

I was born in Sutton Coldfield, 1997. From a young age I had, as many kids do, a very inquisitive mind.

I often got into trouble when I was younger for dismantling things, trying to figure out how they work (sorry Mum!). Dad spent a lot of time in the garage working on cars with friends, so naturally I developed an interest in cars, modifying and repairing them.

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Will Seth

Hi I'm Will! I developed my passion for design, at a young age, through my fascination with LEGO. Never following the instructions, but always making my own creations.

My design interests now lie with graphic design and designing to improve people's well-being.


Nikita Eloise Simone

Hey! Im Nikita Eloise Simone, a Final Year design student with a passion for sustainability and the circular economy, in particular trying to change the mass consumption behaviour and educating the public on the environmental issues we face and how we can potentially tackle them by using design. I was lucky enough to intern for the amazing Smile Plastics who have been a huge inspiration to me for my project.


Matt Thompson

A keen designer from Brighton with an eye for computer aided design and prototyping!


Vishanie Vijey

Hey everyone, I’m Vishanie. I’m from Malaysia and I had a great opportunity to come to the UK and study Product Design at Sussex University.

I started my love for design not too long ago, originally as a graphic designer and as years went by, I started my interest in the workshop helping a friend with his projects and fell in love with product design.

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Will Wilding-Taylor

Hi! I’m Will. I’m a 21 year old Product Design Student from North Wales. I’m incredibly passionate about bringing joy and satisfaction to people’s lives by combining technology and design into innovative products. When not working, I’m almost always found with a stupid grin on my face on my mountain bike in the middle of nowhere!

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