Action Packaging

My final year project aims to make toy packaging a more interactive part of the collectible market. In an attempt to change the “mint in box” mentality I aim to make a “mint for display and play” mentality.

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lipstick render

AYLA Makeup Jewellery

For my final year project, my idea was to produce multifunctional jewellery by creating a fusion between both make-up and jewellery, hence launching a ‘make-up jewellery’ line. In addition to using my culture as the main inspiration for the design of the pieces by incorporating different Arabic themes such as Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometric motifs.

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bar render example 1

Bar Code

My current project looks towards improving cognitive functionality of smart systems within a bar and pub environment! My design looks to streamline alcohol storage on shelves whilst offering visual feedback to the user on how much fluid is remaining within each bottle. With this system in place I look to provide a smoother and more enjoyable bar experience for both the customer and staff!

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I am tackling the issue of electronic waste (e-waste). I intend to solve this problem using a public installation in the form of a digital mobile phone bin and a website informing on the consequences of poor disposal and how to properly dispose of them. This will hopefully reduce the amount of e-waste sent to LEDC’s and also help to reduce the contribution to global warming.

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IMG_5970 - Jacob Arney

Blue + You

How can we use marine conservation and our instinctive connection to the Ocean to improve mental wellbeing?

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8 background 1

Butterfly Kingdom

The whole idea of my project is to introduce the life of butterflies as everyone around takes these beautiful insects lightly. How is a butterfly important to the ecosystem? Not many values the life’s and the importance of butterflies and my project is all about conserving and increasing the population of these sensitive insects.

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draw out

Free Hive

I am designing a product that helps beekeepers reduce their weekly heavy lifting, and improve their experience overall while practising beekeeping.

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Fariseh Mian


GameOver is a videogame which shows contributing or causing factors of climate change from a light-hearted and engaging perspective, using simple and bright 2D graphics which are depicting real world problems.

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2 Material bright


Marinatex is a biodegradable material designed as an alternative to single-use plastic films. The material is comprised of waste material from the fishing industry and organic binders sourced from the sea.

I am now looking into the properties and applications of the fully degradable and compostable material.

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Nature Blocks for Web

Nature Blocks

My project focuses on employee well-being within the office environment. In particular, I am looking at how biophilic design and reconnecting humans with nature can have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being.

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Complete Smart Assistant coverage across the home currently requires multiple devices or expensive bulky Smart Speakers. This product is a complete boxed solution that provides Smart Assistant coverage across the home, without needing many devices or the sacrifice of ease of use.

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3 - Vlod Goral


The newest gadget to hit the sports industry with the goal of providing new and injured runners with a safer experience on their next run.

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complete kit


For my project I am designing a modular toy for children which aims to ingrain from early years the core values of contemporary design. The toy will include 'unwanted' furniture parts which can be put together in many different ways in order to create unique designs, stimulating creative thinking and problem solving skills.

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opening page - James McNamara

Sound Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a serious issue in the UK, affecting around 30% of people; putting them at greater risk of obesity, cardiovascular issues, memory and learning impairments and worse overall health. My solution uses light, sound and motion tracking technology in order to help users get to sleep more easily and wake up feeling more well rested.

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POSTER PIC 2-small


There is huge value in waste; governments need to take action and use non-virgin material. Many councils do not have the correct infrastructure to recycle vast majorities of the average households' plastic recycling 'waste'. The project aims to educate on the missconceptions behind recycling and get the attention of local governments.

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ZeroStretch Wheels

A rising trend in modified car culture globally has seen enthusiasts fitting narrow tyres to wide wheels in order to achieve an aesthetic known as "stance".

ZeroStretch wheels allow enthusiasts to retain their desired aesthetic, without compromising on safety, legality or handling performance.

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