My interest in the creative arts is rooted in my childhood, always enjoying drawing, crafting and making. As far as I remember my self I have been surrounded by antiques, as my parents love keeping family relics. I always wondered about the history of each piece and was intrigued by the fact that furniture travels through time sometimes serving common domestic needs and other times pleasing decorative desires.

My inclination and curiosity around art and design developed further after my decision to attend the BA product Design course in Sussex University. Through the span of three years I have been exposed to versatile aspects of design, challenging my abilities, progressing my skills and constantly triggering my creative thought process. The periscopic nature of the course allowed me to experiment and explore various fields such as Circular Economy Design, Toy and Game Design, Interactive Design and Industrial Design.

By being exposed to all these ways of thinking, making and living, I gradually unfolded a strong interest in waste furniture and sustainability awareness in interiors. Through diverse experimentation around the areas of design and by focusing mostly on social issues, sustainability and waste, I felt an urge to combine all these together in a children’s toy, in a way that would form one’s mentality around the matter from a very early stage through the act of play.

Notions of practicality, problem solving, and critical environmental awareness, as well as up cycling form the core of my project which I aim to embed within an act of practically making new furniture pieces from old wasted ones. My aim is to weave central design thinking aspects into a creative hands on, fun process, introducing design as a way of living.