Hi everyone, my name is Vishanie and I’m a Product Design student in Sussex University. I have come all the way from Malaysia with the great opportunity to come to the UK for my studies.

Over the years, I’ve acquired great knowledge in design starting off as a graphic designer and upgrading my skills into a product designer. For my final year project, I decided to create a nesting cage more specified for the butterfly kingdom to increase population around the UK and Ireland.

There is a tremendous change of butterfly population in the UK mainly due to the climate change and habitat loss. About 56 species of UK butterflies have been affected and they are delicate species that are sensitive to change. Butterflies give us a meaningful glimpse into our current biodiversity as well as they pollinate food sources.

Due to the habitat destruction and climate change as their main threat, the project aims to help protect these beautiful species around the urban spaces and cities where its least green. The aim is to bring back nature and a suitable habitat for butterflies to reproduce and live without the disturbance of climate change and habitat destruction.

It is designed to suit multiple surroundings such as homes, schools and even outdoor balconies and getting people involved in saving the species from being endangered or even extinct. It’s also an educational product for the young children to learn the life-cycle of an egg turning into a butterfly as it is one of the wonders of nature.