Tom Rowley | ZeroStretch Wheels

A rising trend in the modified car scene, known as Stance, focuses around the relationship between the vehicle's wheels, and its bodywork. The goal of Stance is to get the lip of the wheel rim as close to the wheelarch as possible. In order to do this, vehicles are excessively lowered, and narrow tyres are "stretched" over wide wheels.

This trend of "Stretching" tyres (sometimes known as Euro-Look tyres) is dangerous, according to multiple tyre technical bodies. Further, it is also illegal under Section 40A of the Road Traffic Act.

ZeroStretch is a solution to this problem. Using a modified version of the J rim standard, known as J+, it is possible to emulate the visual effect of a stretched tyre, without actually stretching the tyre.

Not only does this avoid the safety and legality issues, it also offers a significant performance benefit, as the tyre sidewall is no longer under stress and can deflect as normal. This aids with grip under heavy cornering loads.

ZeroStretch is designed as a standard which wheel manufacturers can apply to their own wheels, giving a broader range of wheel choices within the diverse modified car scene. If you would like to enquire, please contact me via my website.